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Harmony in Chakras is a must for anyone seeking a book offering transformation, greater success, healing, harmony and well-being of mind, body and spirit.

The Chakra Collective's Alicia Armitstead, B.S., D.C.

Dr. Alicia Armitstead knew from a young age her mission in life: to give the joy of health to others. This mission ultimately became one of the founding principles of Healing Arts Chiropractic & Nutrition Response Testing®. Before opening the practice in 2006, she earned her Bachelor’s of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees from the University of Bridgeport and University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College.

As a child, Dr. Armitstead suffered from asthma and at the age of 16, after years of medication and hospital visits and the asthma getting worse, she sought out alternative forms of medicine. She found Dr. Freddie Ulan who is the founder of Nutrition Response Testing, and after following the program she hasn’t used her inhaler since. She is one of only a handful of practitioners in New York City to be certified as a Master in Nutrition Response Testing®.

For an explanation and demo of Nutrition Response Testing and what to expect on your first visit with Dr. Alicia Armitstead watch her on YouTube.


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