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The Chakra Collective's Brenda Yarnold, MA, E-RYT 200, E-LVCYTT

Brenda Yarnold is a yoga instructor and the owner of Bella Buddha, a yoga and fitness studio in Belmar, NJ that caters to beginner to intermediate level students as well as children and seniors.

She is also a senior teacher and the Director of Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga.

Brenda Yarnold, has always desired to help others, particularly those who feel challenged in their bodies from illness, weight, age, or other issues. She is trained in functional anatomy and is currently working toward her 300-hour yoga therapy certification. Brenda has a compassionate, non-judgmental training style and her programs are challenging, yet fun.

As a yoga educator, she believes in the concept of yoga as a union between Spirit and life as we experience it here on Earth. She makes an effort to find out about her students as whole beings: their spiritual lives and how that affects them physically.
She likes to show her  yoga students how to connect with the Divine Spirit within them. Often, she begins class with a short reading from a spiritual book and an associated mantra. She repeats the mantra out loud, inviting her students to repeat it to themselves silently with (or without) a corresponding mudra (hand gesture) that “seals” the intention, such as Anjali Mudra, which means “divine offering,” or simply stated as “placing hands in prayer.”


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