The Chakra Collective's Desiree Mwalimu-Banks

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The Chakra Collective's Desiree Mwalimu-Banks

Desiree Mwalimu-Banks is a New York City-based artist, writer, mother, educator, tarot divination expert, Reiki and Tantra practitioner, who is joyfully devoted to being of service through her work. She brings a passion for the sacred feminine and the narratives of women in the African Diaspora to her work. Desiree loves working with women from all backgrounds in returning to a knowledge of the divine feminine and an embodiment of the Goddess in the modern world. She loves to host workshops, and moon gatherings, that focus on connecting women to each other through ritual, movement, astrology, and the study of archetypal energies sacred to women’s journeys. Desiree supports women in using pleasure, creativity, and radical self-expression as paths to personal transformation and spiritual empowerment.

Desiree has served as a guest lecturer for the Manhattanville Purchase College Undergraduate Interfaith Studies Division. She was a presenter for “Relax, Relate, Release”, a Brooklyn-based, annual women’s health and wellness expo in 2013, and co-presenter for the ‘Alchemy of Sex & Spirit’, a workshop for the Caribbean Cultural Center Roots & Stars Salon Series in 2012. Her article ‘Tantric Love’ was published in Heart & Soul Magazine’s July/August 2013 issue, and she was a contributing writer for the 2014 debut of Sensheant Magazine which explores women’s relationships to sex and sexuality. She has most recently contributed to the Spirituality section of Teen in 2016. She is a resident diviner for both Urban Asanas Yoga Studio’s Breath & Beats events and the Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn, NY.

Desiree lives in the Boogie Down Bronx with her sons, her husband and her Smith Corona Electric ‘76 typewriter. She works across several boroughs in New York City.


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