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Harmony in Chakras is a must for anyone seeking a book offering transformation, greater success, healing, harmony and well-being of mind, body and spirit.

The Chakra Collective's Elizabeth Tripp

Elizabeth Tripp is the Owner & Founder of Nourish the Soul.She is an Intuitive Healer who has a tremendous amount of passion for working with people. At an early age, she discovered she had a unique capacity for sensing and understanding the feelings of others as well as the ability to feel and communicate with spiritual energy. Today, she embraces her gifts to work with clients deeply and profoundly. She is grateful to share her gifts with you, and is proud to say, "I'm living my soul’s true purpose guiding individuals to live a happier and healthier life!"

She has studied the healing arts of the mind, body, and soul in the New York Metropolitan Area for 10 years. By trade, she is a Registered Dietitian (RD) Certified Nutritionist/Dietitian (CDN) since 2010. She is not your traditional nutritionist. She believes food and the body are incredible tools to uncover the root of our physical and emotional imbalances. Throughout her studies, She's expanded the breadth and depth of her understanding of mind, body & soul connection and along the way empowered herself to live a life of freedom with her whole self - her nutrition, her body, her mind and her spirit. It is her mission to provide her clients with permanent solutions to their life issues while changing the conversations people are having about food, the body, and how to cultivate true health and well-being.

Today in her practice, she enjoys witnessing my clients Nourish the Soul while walking into freedom with not just their body and food but relationships, career, and soul purpose too! As a spiritual teacher, speaker, healer, radio talk show host, and consultant her work brings her great joy. She is over the moon excited to share her revolutionary approach with the world. She looks forward to working with you!



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