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Harmony in Chakras is a must for anyone seeking a book offering transformation, greater success, healing, harmony and well-being of mind, body and spirit.

The Chakra Collective's Shanna Marie

Shanna Marie is a Spiritual Interfaith Minister and Meditation Guide who is certified in Aroma-therapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Professional Cuddling. She is passionate about balancing mind and body fitness, and through her brand The Loving Earth, she enjoys creating customized products using Essential Oils, for calm confidence and mental clarity, beautiful skin and spaces, and grief and stress relief. Shanna is available for meditation sessions by phone, private healing sessions in person, transformational group workshops focused on shifting the mindset and self-care, educational presentations at schools, health fairs or corporate events, and officiating sacred celebrations. Her playful presence and purposeful work has been featured in the Bronx Times, Manhattan News Network, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo Style, Tech Insider, Canal Plus, The Oprah Magazine, and more.

One of Shanna's deepest influences is her mom Corazon, who has cultivated in her a special relationship with plants and prayer, and one of her life's greatest inspirations is her sister Maria, who has crossed over into the non-physical in August of 2014. Maria's love affair with cancer was enriched with hands-on training exercises that redirected Shanna's path to Health and Wellness. The bittersweet experience underlined for her the urgency and importance of taking care of ourselves first in order to be in alignment with a life that we want to live and also have a fulfilling impact on others.

She is the CEO of Mind Yard New York, a Licensing and Design company that specializes in creating characters with advocacies. One of their brand’s most popular properties is Your Faith Looks Familiar or YFLF [yuff-luff], featuring the NY Comic Con superstars-- the YFLF Gang, superheroes who champion Oneness Beyond Belief and fight against the evil forces of prejudice and ignorance. Learn more at,,



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