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Harmony in Chakras is a must for anyone seeking a book offering transformation, greater success, healing, harmony and well-being of mind, body and spirit.

The Chakra Collective's Tiziana Rinaldi Castro

Tiziana is a trained Transformational Life Coach, helping people from everywhere to manifest their visions, supporting them while they turn their dreams into plans and these into reality. She is fully committed to walking with you when you are ready to change your path, and enthusiastic and grateful at once to initiate the journey with you as she believes that in helping ourselves we help each other and vice versa, that we come together as equals on the path of healing, learning one from the other, both when we need and when we are needed. Transformation is inspiring.

For the past two decades Tiziana has made it her discipline and her daily spiritual practice to exercise the art of compassionate listening, free of all judgment and rooted in the firm belief that we know who we truly are and where we are going; we are the ones who have all the answers to our own questions, and are fully capable of pointing our compass to our true North and dig our path, tune our voice to the song of our Higher Self.

Since 1991 she has served as a priest of the Yoruba creed, helping people overcoming addictions, dealing with grief, loss, and change.

Today, as a University professor of Ancient Greek Literature and The Making of The Hero; a published novelist and poet (see and a Transformational Life Coach, she realizes that everything she does is part of the healing journey she began as a young woman, knocking at the door of a temple in Harlem, desperately seeking answers.

When you are ready to start on a new path, whether in your relationships or in your career, in your spiritual or creative life, Tiziana is there to sustain you along the process, from asking the powerful questions that are within you and which you are the one truly equipped to answer, to cheering you while keeping track of your progress as you leave the old path and dig the new one..


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