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The Harmony in Chakras books are a must for anyone seeking greater calmness, clarity, and confidience in their mind, body and spirit.

The Chakra Collective's Carolos Cuellar Brown, MT-BC

Carlos Cuellar Brown is a board certified music therapist with over nine years of experience implementing Music Therapy modalities in a variety of clinical populations that include: adult day care, nursing homes, long term care, children hospitals, AIDS Dementia, hospice and NICU.

His interventions are designed to promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, improve and maintain motor strength, promote socialization and mediate emotional trauma. His Relaxation groups, Guided Imagery and Music, and Mindful Meditation sessions offer a unique experiential approach that integrates voice, breath, imagery and ancient solfeggio frequencies. These methods will affect your human physiology and endocrine systems, they can create a powerful agent in the healing process

To book a session with Carlos and learn more about him, visit his website.





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