The Chakra Collective's Deirdre (Dee) Savoie

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The Harmony in Chakras books are a must for anyone seeking greater calmness, clarity, and confidience in their mind, body and spirit.

The Chakra Collective's Deirdre (Dee) Savoie

Dee Savoie is an author, educator, healer, and coach.

She started writing her first book when she was sixteen. It was during a family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard where the beauty of the island had her dreaming of romance. Every so often she would pick up her masterpiece and do some work on it, then stick it in a drawer to be forgotten about for a couple of years. It wasn’t until 20 years after she’d written her first word that she summoned the courage to actually send it out to an agent and a publisher for review. It was immediately accepted by the first agent who read it and eventually by the only publisher she sent it to. Since her first novel, Spellbound, was published in 1999, she has published numerous more romance books.

She is–a nurturer, a mom at heart, a Goddess of the Earth. Her role is to teach, by word and example, to shine a light in the darkness for others to follow.

Dee has had her share of createthroughs and is now a Createthrough Coach.

A createthrough is her word for when life hands you a situation that you can’t get over, around or under. All you can do is find a way through–either by recreating yourself, your beliefs, your work, your life. Createthroughs (or creative breakthroughs) are fabulous opportunities that often come under the guise of troubles, hardship, or loss. They are an invitation to let go of all that doesn’t serve and take a new path of enlightenment, to follow your true calling, to live your grandest dream.


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