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The Chakra Collective's Munira Merchant, B.S.A.M 

Dr. Munira Merchant, B.S.A.M (Ayurvedacharya) is an Ayurvedic physician. First in India and now in the United States.

After her Ayurvedic graduation, she did her residency in an Ayurvedic hospital and specialized in Panch Karma, that is cleansing of the body internally through natural means of Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda any diet plan or herbal medicine or even yoga and exercise give results after the body is cleanse of Ama that is toxins. Certain subsidiary Panch Karma treatments which are done externally with cleansing and balancing Ayurvedic oils for knee pain, back pain and neck pain have given her excellent results in USA.

           She also did her Ayurvedic cosmetology training from Kerala India. In Ayurveda there are excellent rejuvenating herbs and the oils made from these herbs and they are also giving her very good results in her anti aging facials.

She is completed devoted to Ayurvedic Medicine, Panch Karma and Ayurvedic Cosmetology. 

There are many people who practice Ayurvedic principals and provide Ayurvedic services and classes. However, many people are not aware that there are not many Ayurvedic physicians with the credentials of Dr. Merchant in New York. In India, education to be an Ayruvedica doctor can take more than five years to complete.

Dr. Munira, explains it best.

"I grew up in India totally embracing  ancient Indian traditions for healing.  But, I supplemented the traditions of my family by attending medical school.

 I am a doctor of Ayurveda and after my name I have the credentials, B.S.A.M (Bachelor of Shudha Ayurvedic Medicine). I'm very proud of these credentials because it is the extensive years of study, training and practical requirements that provided me with the knowledge and tools I use to help my clients get back into chakra alignment.

Many people think they understand what an Ayurveda physician is, yet what it involves to become one is really unknown to most. We go through the same medical school training physicians who treat patients with allopathic care receive, yet we serve our patients with alternative options. Like medical students I have dissected a cadaver, and took all the courses in anatomy, chemistry, and biology so that I could really understand the human body. My training also included learning how essential oils, gemstones, chanting, and yoga poses can supplement healing as well.

When I meet a client, I have the knowledge to analyze what dosha (body type--Pitta, Vata, Kapha), he/she has. My training and experience has given me the wisdom to provide my clients with so much help in a variety of ways. Most crucial for health, is knowing you have a partner who cares about your success in maintaining a healthy mind and body. I am that partner for them. My client's always have access to me through email and texting.

I offer a boutique of Ayurveda treatments that are helpful for a variety of conditions like arthritis, neck, lower back and knee pain, digestive disorders, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, skin ailments, aging skin, weight problems, vision issues, stress, anxiety, memory problems, hair loss and more.

In addition to treating when needed I provide recipes as well as teach my clients how to best prepare and cook the recommendations I make to get their health to thrive. I show them specific yoga poses to do, and as important what they should not do. I often suggest gemstones for them  to have around their home, office and on the body to allow their energy to vibrate on a higher level and when it would be best for them to take a break from a crystal and work with the energy of another jewel."

She has been promoting Ayurveda by conducting workshops and classes on various topics of Ayurveda in the centers and institutes all over USA Currently she is a visiting teacher at Sacred Stone Academy of Massage & Ayurveda Rhode Island and Ayurvedic expert at Ishta Yoga, New York.

A personal Ayurvedic consultation with Dr. Munira includes:
 – Prakruti (identifying body constitution)
 – Vikriti (finding disorder)
 – Guidance (to diet, life style, gentle detox, stress management, daily & seasonal routines, therapeutic yoga, and more.)

The menu of services she provides are extensive.


Phone: 347.283.9764

Services: Ayurvedic Massage, Abhayanga, Detoxification Modalities
Swedana (Ayurvedic Steam), Ayurvedic Pain Management, Janu (knee) Basti, Kati (lower back) Basti, Griva (neck) Basti, Ayruvedic Stress Management, Shirodhara, Ayurvedic Anti Aging Facial, Padabhayanga
Feet massaged with marma stimulation, Pichu Karama (Hair Loss Treatment), Chakra Cleansing, Aura Reading, Chakra Balancing and
Gem Stone Consultation.

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