The Chakra Collective's Pam Heath

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The Harmony in Chakras books are a must for anyone seeking greater calmness, clarity, and confidience in their mind, body and spirit.

The Chakra Collective's Pam Heath

YES Coach™, Business Strategist, Branding Expert, Best Selling Author

Pamela Heath is a transformational Life Coach, Business Strategist and Branding Expert as well as a bestselling Author. She wants you to "say yes" to love, success and happiness! Known as the Yes Coach, Pam is the author of 'Say Yes! 7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams' and 'The YES Blueprint: Scale Your Business to Win.' Through her individual coaching programs, books and workshops, Pam guides her clients towards expanding their capacity to bring abundance into their lives. She has worked with people from all walks of life, including spiritual/ transformational practitioners, creative artists, wellness coaches and others struggling to turn passions into profitable businesses. Her approach is extremely grounded and relatable, stemming from a positive mindset that is tangible, structural, and extremely effective. In her personal life, Pam has faced powerful and tragic circumstances that she has ultimately triumphed over-never losing her sense of humor and ability to look on the bright side.

International Best Selling Author:Say YES!: 7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams


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