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The Harmony in Chakras books are a must for anyone seeking greater calmness, clarity, and confidience in their mind, body and spirit.

The Chakra Collective's Trent Rhodes

Trent Rhodes is a Mindfulness Coach and Literary Artist with a focus on empowering clients to become their highest self-image in their careers. As a coach offering a bespoke service, he challenges the powerful, conscious and driven to take the next step and transform at their edge.

Experienced in the Gestalt-style coaching methodology, he combines his passion for tapping into the powers of the subconscious mind with modalities including a level 2 Reiki certification, meditation, martial arts and the power of words through writing and speech.

Trent also connects with men driven to become their highest masculine self, serving as a private mentor in the art of becoming a gentleman. His Instagram page, @The.Divine.Masculine presents the layout for his philosophy on how men can manifest their native energy based on knowledge and wisdom of the ancients in the contemporary world

As an educator, Trent’s written extensively on perceiving life experience as the true classroom. His blog and books provide learners with a source of insight on how to guide one’s own education.

Trent was initiated into his spiritual path at the age of 16 and claimed the mantle of an autodidact. Through connection with the God-source, self-study, experience and consistency in workshops, he’s synthesized the principles of metaphysics, alchemy and ancestral wisdom with practicality for 18 years.

He received his coaching education in a 9-month program with Coaching for Transformation, a Law of Attraction Certification from the Global Sciences Foundation, and Etiquette Certification from IAP Career College.





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